A visual symphony created....

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about the ocean. Maybe because I grew up right next to it and have listened and watched it in all its moods, I can’t explain it, its just there and part of me. I love the movement, the power, the range of colors. Like a symphony, the crescendos, and diminuendos are unexpected. I am driven to turn this intense feeling into art and hope to convey this feeling of energy and passion to you, into something you love.
Every painting is original, no reproductions are created.


Thank you for learning more about me and my art.

Artist Statement

Through the harmonious blending of colors, I transform plain white canvas into impressionistic  creations by pouring and blending layers of acrylic paint and/or resin, sometimes combining the two. I introduce the colors to each other, getting them to talk, and what emerges is a representation of what I see and feel.

 Acrylic pouring and painting with resin has delightful challenges with unpredictable results.  As the paints tend to dry quickly, I manipulate the colors, incorporating various mediums and babysitting each piece through completion. I influence the intended composition by pulling and pushing various colors as they merge and blend, sink and rise until they no longer listen to me but take on a life of their own.

Having lived most of my life in Alaska, near and on the water, the natural beauty of vast and amazing landscapes never fails to amaze me – the intense storms or the overwhelming calmness. For me, art is a spiritual path, a transformational process, a meditation, a symphony to be created. My hope is to convey what I see and feel through my art so that it touches your soul the way it does mine.