The Creation Of A Symphony

I love creating through acrylic pouring even though the process and end result is somewhat unpredictable. I have become familiar with its characteristics and we have fun dancing to the symphony. Sometimes I lead, sometimes the medium leads.

Most of my pieces have been conceived from memories, while at the beach or on the water which has always been a spiritual place for me, one of harmony, tranquility and joy no matter the weather.

I rarely sketch an outline other than the horizon but just go straight into the painting. I enjoy the freedom of allowing the medium to help create the work. 

To start I don the oversized shirt that I have been using for 30 years – yup – and latex gloves. I have an idea in my head of what I want to accomplish. With that idea in mind, I mix the colors of paint I think I may want to use in containers with a flow medium to both extend the drying time and to make the paint more fluid. I may add a couple of drops of silicone to one or more of the colors which will create “cells” or the circles you see.

The next part is when the fun for me really begins. Turn the music on- blues or classical or classic rock and let the rhythm help create the painting.

The acrylic paints wait excitedly in their cups for their turn in the dance. Taking the lead, I choose which colors I want and where, pour the paint on the canvas and direct the movement the paints take, with my baton (spatula) and they follow the lead. Then moving, melding and reacting to each other, the colors take the lead and I follow. We get lost in the symphony.

Unexpected surprises continue to occur in the crescendos and diminuendos

The dance continues on, me leading, then the paint. I step back, the symphony ends but the colors continue the dance on their own late into the night, then finally resting not to be disturbed it for at least two days and continued rest for 3 weeks before I can be sure the piece is completely dry.  I then coat it with UV protectant, then the grand finale…..