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A Symphony of Art

Melanie Burns, Artist . May 21, 2020

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Hi All!

It's so great to welcome so many of you to my email list! Thanks so much for your interest in my work!! I promise not to spam you and to keep things as brief and interesting as possible. I welcome any questions, comments or requests. Please be sure to add my email address to your address book, so these emails don't wind up in your spam folder. Look for a newsletter exclusive at the end to thank you for reading. :-)

Winner Announcement!

Thank you to everyone who signed up to win a set of these fluid ocean-inspired resin coasters. With the help of carefully poured wine :) and closed eyes, we randomly selected Nikki Begnoche as the winner of the coasters. Nikki, please reply to this email and I'll follow up with you for shipping information - congratulations!

A Little About Me

I find it interesting to understand the backstory of an artist's history when interpreting their art, so I thought I would share a little about my history with you. I grew up on a homestead in rural Alaska where I spent my youth fishing with my dad, roaming the beaches and loving to watch our incredible storms rolling past down the straits, sometimes 80 to 100 knots of wind - where most places would make the national news but is a normal way of life for us. -And then there are the sunsets. From kayaking with humpback whales to commercial fishing - click here to learn a bit more about my history and what inspires my homage to the world's seascapes.

Newest Work - Out of Nowhere

In case you missed it, here's the story on how my latest work, Out of Nowhere - The Birth of how an Ocean Wave on Canvas in Fluid Acrylics, came to be. Enjoy a progressive video in the blog post. This piece is available for purchase.

***Newsletter Exclusive***

Pssttt... As a thank you to all of my new subscribers, I'd like to offer a free gift! Each newsletter will end with a special gift to subscribers. Please join the list to get on the next one >

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