An Alaskan Sea Story On Canvas

If you haven’t noticed by now, there is a lot of movement in my paintings. And having spent much of my life on the water in Alaska, I have a few stories to tell!

As I was creating this particular painting, I was thinking of when we were tending salmon years ago in South Central AK with our 70’ tender – a converted tuna trawler. It was requested that we go to Cook Inlet and take on some salmon from a tender that lost their refrigeration. We did and then headed down the inlet on our way to Seward fully loaded with 65 tons of salmon onboard. By the time we got out past the mouth of Cook Inlet, the weather had come up pretty good so we ended up at the Barren Islands (Alaska Ferry video) and lay there for three days waiting for the weather to lay down a bit. We were so low in the water that as we lay there at anchor, there was 3” of water on deck midships.

(It was fine, these tuna boats are made for that having 12 feet of the hull below the water when fully loaded, as pictured below.)

The weather seemed as if it had eased off on the third day and everyone was heading out, into the Gulf of Alaska to continue their journey. The swells were probably 20 – 25 feet but very doable until a squall came up - then they started breaking. We got caught in a wave that submerged the boat so that only the bow and wheelhouse were sticking out of the water. I didn’t like it!! Luckily, we rode the wave perfectly and went back to the Barren Islands to wait it out once again.

A few hours later, the weather laid down and off we went, this time successfully completing our journey to Seward.

The boat pictured above wasn’t our boat but her sister-ship.

Unsettled Seas

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