Finding inspiration during self-isolation

I don’t know about other artists but for some reason I am having trouble getting in my studio to create art during this time of self-isolation. I have the time; my studio is right there. I did start a large painting the other day but there it sits.

That said, I am not completely away from creating art, just in a different capacity. Nearing the end of remodeling our home ourselves, I found the urge to add some art to the backsplash behind the stove. Using one of my smaller creations for inspiration, I painted on tile. I tried three times to get the right effect. Like Goldilocks and the three bears, one was too light, one was too dark and one was just right!

Instead of using resin for the finish, my friend, Doug coated them with high heat engine clear coat. He must have put at least 30 coats on them and they turned out beautifully.

And then – Inspiration via social media!!

I met a wonderful woman, Dr. Sue, when I was on a tour of mosaic art in Italy and saw on her Facebook page this morning, a photo of her living room. It was filled with color, beautiful paintings of color on a wall painted in a beautiful blue and in the foreground was a wonderful bouquet of daffodils, the most brilliant yellow- inspiration!

Then, Evoartmaui, the gallery in Lahaina where my art is on display, had posted a wonderful video of some of my smaller work on Instagram. More inspiration to get back to creating. Now all I have to do is walk into my studio and get busy creating – stay tuned and stay healthy!

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