GOODBYE 2020 - HELLO 2021!!

2020 has been a challenge to say the least. We all had to let go of so many plans- family visits, concerts, trips, for me- to the ocean - which is a huge part of my life and where I get much of my inspiration.

At the beginning of the year when all this started, stuck in the lower 48, I just could not pick up a canvas and create anything, this went on for several months. Try to go to a beach, nope closed, try to stop at an overlook to see the ocean, nope closed. Simply go for a walk in the park, nope closed. And as confining as it was, I was so very blessed to not have any family members get sick and my friends that did, managed to recover quite nicely. That is what I hung on to.

Eventually I learned to just be in the moment, to take in my surroundings, to see the sky, the colors and movement, to see each leaf on the trees, the sun outlining them and the breeze blowing them. And even though my surroundings were the same each day, they were different each day. Different clouds, different sounds, different light. From there, I reached back in my memories and created through those thoughts, sounds and feelings.

What I learned from 2020, don’t take anything or anyone for granted, enjoy the little pleasures life has to offer. The only sure thing we have is the present, so make it count!


Memories -

Alaska Sunset near Ketchikan Incredible color don't you think!

Evening Glow inspired from the sunset above

Hawaii Ocean Waves - I love watching them form then crash, I can do that for hours and hours :)

Happy New Year Everyone - I hope it brings much joy and peace to us all

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