Love Color? Love the Ocean? More Jellies are here!

I hope this finds you well and that you are taking some time each day to find a simple pleasure for yourself, so important to do. I've been trying to do more of this myself and have been taking time to call and catch up with friends, going for a walk with them or simply talking on the phone - not emailing. This simple personal interaction definitely brings a smile and certainly helps my creative process.

The Jellies

I am so happy that my Jellies have been so popular!

Colorful and joyful, these pieces will be coated with resin when dry which really brings a depth to the piece that you just can't see in a photograph. I love to pop a piece of coral in them as well. I have several drying, each a little different, which will be physically available end of this month and more on the way.

If you want to see them in person after the end of the month, stop by the Cobble Company in Seward, AK or make an appointment to come to my studio in Anchorage.

They are available for purchase on my website now if you don't mind waiting until they are dry enough to pick up.

Please go to my facebook page -MelanieBurnsArtist - to see the reviews.

For those of you in South Central Alaska, email, call or DM me for an appointment to come and see these paintings in person at my studio in Anchorage. They are so much better in person!

Masks required, limit 2 people from the same party.

Be sure to go to the home page and subscribe to my newsletter to keep updated on new work and shows!

Stay Healthy but have some fun!

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