Out of Nowhere

Updated: May 20, 2020

The Birth of an Ocean Wave on Canvas in Fluid Acrylics

I have found that many people think that artists pick up their brushes, collect their acrylic, oils canvas and other mediums, start their creation, work through it adjusting the color here and there and poof a finished masterpiece!

But no, every artist has their own unique process. Sometimes a straight path to the final piece actually exists but more often than not it’s a winding path, a journey ending up quite opposite from where the idea began.

My own process is the winding path. More often than not, I have a reference image that I start with; I refer to it often at the beginning and then I let go and start feeling the painting.

This specific sea-inspired painting evolved so differently from what I had first imagined I thought I would share the process. Normally, I have an image in my head of what I want to create and how I will get there and it all works out beautifully, then…. I actually start the process.

For this painting I had this wonderful image of a closeup of an ocean wave crashing in all its power, sea spray encompassing it to emphasize.


First I created the sky, no clouds, clouds, too busy, back to no clouds..

Next came the turquoise water, a wave off to the right and then the part of the wave crashing but then I realized that although I liked the two parts of the waves, I didn’t like the angle, so which to keep? The wave off to the right won, I love the swoop up. I hope you do, too - please let me know your thoughts in the comments.


The painting sat for a few days and I would go to it and look, feeling it was missing something then it struck me, the water needs rocks to move around, to create the feeling of the power as the rocks are kissed then engulfed by the waves.

Now, I can feel the day, I can smell the salt air as I look at the painting. Its finished, I can feel it and I have learned when a painting is done its done. I put my tools down and step away!

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24 x 48 Fluid acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas - unframed - finished edges

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