Inspired by  sunsets on Finger Lake , Wasilla, Alaska


Fluid Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 24x30 1.5" Deep  Finished Edges  Inspired by a sunset on Finger Lake Alaska


This work has been accepted by the Anchorage Museum for the Alaska Biennial 2020 exhibition November 2020 - April 2021

Lake Reflections

  • Sunsets are calm in nature but powerful at the same time as the colors grow with intensity and then slowly fade into calmness. The fluid tendencies of pouring the paint on the canvas, moving the colors around each other with my frosting spatulas’ and the act of the colors melding together, I feel, depicts the symphony of the sunset. Watching a sunset, for me, touches my very soul, and is an overwhelming spiritual experience for me which I get to relive as I paint. My hope is that you will feel this as well.

  • As with all art, do not hang in direct sunlight. Do hang the piece where you will enjoy it most!